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Economic savings

Along with the environmental benefits of switching to green energy there are significant economic savings

  For example, a system on a roof measuring 500 square meters will yield a return in height  

Of about NIS 50,000 per year, about NIS 1.17 million in 25 years.  

The cost of the system is the main expense for the rest of its life and the investment will be repaid within about 6 years + - from the date of installation.  

Banks currently offer 100% financing to the system, while maintaining a positive cash flow.  



The return on the system can reach about 22% per year, a return that is considered unprecedented, almost risk-free, that there are no other safe investment channels that can

To compete with it (e.g. bonds or real estate).  

The receipts come from the electricity company and are paid at a fixed rate signed at the beginning of the journey, when the electricity company approves your solar system.  

(We will handle all the bureaucracy with the electricity company for you)

Government Incentives:  

Because the state has committed to a target of producing 30% energy by 2030 from renewable energies and today we stand at the 8% area, the government passed a law encouraging investment in renewable energies which allows for two benefit tracks:  

  Tax-exempt route - the expected amount of income from all the facilities in the customer's possession, which does not exceed NIS 24,000 without VAT in each tax year.  

And a reduced tax route - the taxation on receipts will amount to about 10% of all facilities owned by the customer, as long as it does not exceed NIS 99,006 without VAT in each tax year.

For more information - feel free to download the book we have prepared for you, in order to help you make an informed decision.
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